• The Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh


Answer: The purpose of the The Immigration service, Bangladesh Police is to provide immigration related service and security to the Bangladesh through the well managed entry and out of people. The immigration service is provided by Special Branch of Bangladesh Police.

Answer: Only citizens of India and Pakistan who have 90 or more than 90 days visa need registration.

Answer: The following persons will be exempted from registration:

  • Diplomatic passport holders, their spouse and children, servants and dependents,
  • Non-diplomatic staff of Foreign mission,
  • Government officials,
  • Children under age of 16 years old

Answer: Foreigner can register within seven days on arrival without any late fee.

Answer: Foreigner can register from the following places:

  • international airport,
  • immigration check-post or nearest DSB, CSB offices, and
  • SB Office, Malibagh, Dhaka.

Answer: Foreigners don’t need to pay any registration fee within 7 days on arrival.

Answer: Late registration fees of foreign nationals are as below:

  • Taka 2000/- (Two thousand) after expiry of 7 days on arrival,
  • Taka 5000/- (Five thousand) after expiry of 15 days on arrival

Answer: Yes, you need to inform registration officer if you spend more than seven days in another city/ district and again registration is required to the respective DSB/CSB office.

Answer: Yes, you need to submit travel documents and to collect travel permit from the registration office.