• The Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh

Foreigner Registration Rules

The registration is essential for all foreigners having visas for a period exceeding 90 days except the exempted categories. Registration should be done within 7 days of arrival, every foreigner entering Bangladesh shall present in person to the appropriate Registration Officer and report in form B (hereinafter referred to as a registration report) of his arrival in Bangladesh.

One may wish not to register if S/he departs within 7 days of arrival. However on the basis of principle of reciprocal the citizens of India and Pakistan have different pre-requisites for registration.

Registration report shall be made in writing, in the English language and in duplicate, shall contain a true statement of the foreigner’s intended address in Bangladesh and of all the other particulars specified in Form ‘B’ and shall have affixed to it a photograph of the foreigner, which shall be over stamped with the stamp of the Registration Officer on both parts of the report.

Provided further that in the case of a foreigner whose occupation in such as to necessitate frequent traveling and who is not likely to return within a reasonable time to the district in which he is at any time living, the office of the Registration Officer of the district in which he first registers upon his arrival in Bangladesh may be given as, and shall be deemed to be, his address in Bangladesh.

Copies of Form B shall be supplied by the Bangladesh visa issuing authority at the time of the grant of visa or by the Registration Officer in Bangladesh.

Procedure for registration

List of documents & late fee structure

Issuance of Travel permit & Exit permission

Report of temporary absence from registered address

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